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Almost all of these alleged disproofs have come from one or both of the following groups: (a) a group of medical researchers (including Hilary Koprowski, Stanley Plotkin and Paul Osterrieth) who were involved in developing, preparing and staging human trials of CHAT oral polio vaccine (OPV) in the 1950s, and (b) a group of microbiologists and molecular biologists featuring Beatrice Hahn, Paul Sharp, Bette Korber and Michael Worobey, who promote the hypothesis that HIV was acquired by humans some decades earlier than the 1950s, in the course of the hunting and butchery of chimpanzee bushmeat.Most of Pepin’s alleged disproofs are addressed elsewhere in this posting, in the "Quick Guide".Forget the Parisian brasseries, bistros and dining rooms of old, it’s time to embrace the smaller things in life, says Matt Preston, as he discovers the hidden laneways and bijou eateries making waves in the French capital.Paris is a city of broad boulevards, grandiose gardens and palaces that are truly palatial, but on my last trip, the little time I spent in Paris was exactly that – little.

If you want to change you must be able to target your efforts.” The African National Congress, at its national policy conference earlier this month, agreed not to use the term to describe problems in the economy.

I spent my days visiting the city’s romantic nooks and crannies that can hide everything from delicious food or natural wines to bijou boutiques or tiny green oases of calm among the horn-honking mayhem of one of the world’s best loved but busiest cities.

Here in Paris, more than almost anywhere else, EF Schumacher’s aphorism rings true… A little dinner An intimate little gem in a side street near the Seine, L’Astrance (4 Rue Beethoven, 16th) is the tiniest of Paris’ three-Michelin-starred restaurants and also one of the most innovative.

Each project and exhibition uses the power of photography for visual storytelling to raise awareness of global issues.

Her most recent project was « Time To See » for The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.