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I lack gloves and a scarf; in lieu of warm boots, I’m wearing beaten up leather loafers and thin socks.

Five minutes outside of the subway and I can’t feel my toes.

A therapist’s notes can contain the most horrifying, embarrassing and mundane confessions of his client, the rawest of fears and most guarded of feelings, from sexual desires to homicidal impulses.

Small Jewish communities in those early centuries could be found in what is now the fifth arrondissement in an area just south of the Seine near where the Church of St. There is some evidence to suggest that a synagogue once stood on the same site.

In the tenth and eleventh centuries, there was a small Jewish community on rue de la Harpe between rue de la Huchette and rue Saint Severin and then on a street called rue de la Vielle Juiverie (Old Jewry street) that lay between the present rue Saint Severin and rue Monsieur le Prince. Michel and rue Monsieur le Prince there was a Jewish cemetery, and nearby a synagogue. By the twelfth century when Benjamin of Tudela (in Spain), who traveled all over the known world and chronicled its Jewish communities, came to Paris he was able to call it Ha-ir Hagedolah (Hebrew for 'that great city').

She might be a reader, but used bookstores don’t smell very nice, not to mention they don’t facilitate much conversation when other people are trying to read their vintage copies of ‘Simple Truths’.

You could take her to a hotel lobby, but then you’re just boring and conventional.