Dating sites using buddypress

It’s already hard enough to start a new business, people don’t want to feel unable to control their own website.

They want something that works out of the box and can be easily modified by themselves or someone on their team.

In a recent conversation the topic of dating solutions for Word Press cropped up.

A friend wanted to build a niche dating website and asked me if I knew of any good solutions for this, based on Word Press.

Every month, around 751 million people use Facebook from mobile devices alone.

It has over 1.23 billion active users and is valued at 4 billion. There’s Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and many other social networks to consider too.

Facebook dominates social networking sites with five out of every six minutes spent online on these sites.

However, Facebook is not the only social network and there are Twitter, Pinterest, v Kontakte (Russian), Odnoklassniki(Russian), Wechat (Chinese), Draugiem (Latvian) and millions of others.

To build a social network yourself, there are only really four Word Press plugins that you need to consider.But what’s all this got to do with Word Press, you might be wondering?Looking at the above figures, it definitely should make you feel motivated to start your own social network.First of all, I think it’s important to ask why would someone want to use Word Press as a platform for a dating site?The answer, as you might suspect, lies in Word Press’ simplicity, familiarity, and ease-of-use.