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He seemed so proud that all that money was collecting lint, but no interest.Perhaps he should do something else with that before the IRS takes his fillings.Remember to check your clocks because the day ends early at the American Board of Pediatrics headquarters in Chapel Hill.The deadline is actually at PM and not midnight on Quince de Mayo.At the recent October 2, 2015, BOE meeting, revisions were made to the policy on new pronouncements to reflect their conclusions.

Murphy’s Cinco De Mayo law suggests that there will always be last minute glitches that can arise.If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about these books, I guess I can elaborate a bit. […] I’m gonna be totally honest and say that I did not have high hopes for Manwhore.I’ve attempted to read a couple of Katy Evans’ books now and I DNF’d one and hated the other.This was when I was a child, and mistakenly believed this sort of lie gave me a certain obscure cachet.I wasn’t a habitual liar—I was never very good at it.