Updating sky box software who is selena gomez dating now 2016

The latest operating system version is 1.2S4FM and EPG software version is 3.8.8(March 2010).This firmware version is for a Pace Digibox, (non Sky ) and includes the latest Digibox software update.If you are still having problems with your digital receiver after having carried out the appropriate procedure listed below, you can telephone Skys Technical help desk on 08702 435000 who will further assist you.The set top box will then automatically dial up Sky and the viewing card will be automatically initialised.

You also need to ensure your Q Silver box is plugged into an HDMI socket that supports HDCP 2.2 – check your TV’s instructions if in doubt. This one also came to Sky yesterday, and should help those who like to indulge in binge-watching.

So what exactly can your Sky Q box do now as a result of this first update? Related: Sky Q 4K UHD content guide If your Sky Q hasn’t already updated to the latest software version, you can force the update.

From the main menu, head down to Settings and go into System Info.

The headline feature that the update brings is for Sky Q Silver boxes only.

As they have had the correct HDMI configuration to output Ultra HD video, they will be the only devices to get 4K UHD content.