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The index showed home prices growing by 1.2 per cent in April over March, the 15th straight month in which they’ve gone up.The discovery has led experts to believe a large human migration may have occurred on B. Housty said Heiltsuk First Nation elders have passed down stories of ancient coastal villages for ages, and those cultural stories are now cemented in fact. village is the oldest to be discovered in North America, but crews’ work isn’t over yet. “To think about how these stories survived all of that, only to be supported by this archeological evidence is just amazing,” he said. Scientists say the artifacts exhumed on the remote island are painting a picture of how our civilization began. First Nation, is that the scientific discovery appears to corroborate the tribe's oral history.“I remember when we get the dates back and we just kind of sat there going, holy moly, this is old,” said Gauvreau.“What this is doing is just changing our idea of the way in which North America was first peopled.” What the team found is incredible: Tools for lighting fires, fish hooks and spears, all dating back 14,000 years. “It’s very special to not only me, but our entire tribe,” said Heiltsuk Nation’s William Housty. islands to keep tracking the ancient footprint of man as far as it goes.