Updating itunes library

In the end, I picked the easiest and most obvious way: the i Tunes way.Aside from the simplicity, the reason I chose it is because it’s applicable for both Windows and Mac.You can run out of those bytes in no time at all, especially if you fill your laptop with multimedia files like music and movies – the types of files that you keep and manage using a multimedia manager like i Tunes.A quick look at the folder sizes inside my Mac Book hard drive shows that the i Tunes folder occupies a large area on that near-full storage space.The only thing that should be different after the move is the location.After asking around and browsing the net, I found several ways to achieve this goal; from the easiest – almost automatic – way, to the script-compiling complicated way.The following process was done using the Mac version of i Tunes, but the steps are similar under the Windows version.

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Like most error codes, there are a variety of fixes for i Tunes error 9. What you’ll need to do is try out all the possibilities.

Apple’s support page lists error 9 as a possible security software issue.

On i Phone and i Pad, the i Tunes Store and App Store apps are updated automatically with system updates.

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