100 free sms chats

Now click on Send SMS Now a chat windows will open on the right side of your Gmail page just as you have the window for chat. In the above window you will see something that says “SMS credit: 48” .

Now this is the daily limit imposed by Gmail on the number of free SMSes sent per account. But if you get a reply from the receiver, then 5 credits will be added to your account.

In addition to basic messaging i Phone, Android, Nokia and Black Berry Whats App Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. The favorites (from pic) is nothing but it automatically recognizes all the contacts who have installed Whats App on their phone and sorts them to this list, also shows up their status(Available ,offline or their custom status).One thing we want to say “The most awesome feature of this App is its ability to integrate into phonebook, recognize all the Whats App registered users depending upon Phone Numbers and also gives a status message when the person is typing a message for you”.You also get a Tick to your message when the message is delivered-Delivery Report feature you can also send an invitation to those who have not installed this App with the built in feature.The next one is to have the entire conversation lengthy to utilize the character limit of sms 160 per message so that you can have an effective use of sms and reduce the number of sms used.A minimal Data plan required (It is obvious that all the users have an active data plan now-a-days) if not active on any data plan we suggest to get any cheapest/lowest data pack available with your operator because all this needs only Kbs* of data if you chat for about 30min (As far as we tested).