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On the contrary, many in Ancient Greece and Rome apparently kept , or notebooks “to collect what one has managed to hear or read, and for a purpose that is nothing less than the shaping of the self.” These were fragmentary notebooks, but their result was not merely a collection of disjointed scraps; rather, they contributed to a new whole, along with the writer themselves.

I’ve been hard at work on my dissertation proposal—I’m studying the processes of artistic self-portraiture—and I’ve been thinking about self-documentation.

The cases, including love scams, were mostly done via social media and people were duped into making payments without even having met the person. The scammer use popular social, dating and business networking sites.

programme, and the experience gained from being under the tutelage of renowned astrologers from the USA, Australia, Portugal, and the UK has proved immensely useful in the consulting room as well as for May’s students.

Many of these products employ emotions analytics, which uses technological tools to help decipher emotions in verbal and written communication.

Emotions analytics has been used to provide a deeper context of understanding for a wide variety of purposes, including health, dating and business.