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In traveling across America, the Scots Irish have consistently blown my mind as far and away the most persistent and unchanging regional subculture in the country.Their family structures, religion and politics, and social lives all remain unchanged compared to the wholesale abandonment of tradition that’s occurred nearly everywhere else.The Soho site is the latest property to feature in the bankruptcy proceedings of one of the biggest casualties of the Irish property crash.Dunne’s two biggest creditors are, along with the court-appointed officer or trustee appointed by the US bankruptcy courts, digging deep into his finances, investigating the transfer of assets and other property in Ireland, South Africa, England and Switzerland from Dunne to Killilea dating back to 2005, the year after they married.Substitute “Scots-Irish” for “Pashtun”, “Hmong” or “Berber” and you will see what I mean.If you are not aware (e.g., you are not American) the Scots-Irish in this context refers to a melange of peoples who emigrated to the New World from Ireland and the border region between Scotland and England in the middle of the 1700s.Here, we profile a wide range of new and emerging artists in a variety of media, from traditional painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography, to more modern forms such as installation, and conceptualism.

It’s doubtful the graffiti artists whose work features around this vacant lot in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho fashion district knew the connection of one man to the property but the tone, if not the accuracy of the messages, is fitting given the hundreds of millions of euro in debt he has left behind in Ireland.

Derived from Dada and early 20th century avant-garde art, exemplified by Marcel Duchamp, this movement is based on the principle that art is a 'concept' rather than a material object.

That is to say, the 'idea' that a work represents is considered its essential component, not the work itself.

That is, a parochial clannish folk trying to hold onto to their traditions, albeit with the downside of being inward looking and often regressive (downside from the perspective of Westerners that is).

What these people lack in cosmopolitan openness, they make up for in adherence to authentic values which can’t but help earn some admiration.