Busy in exchange 2016 not updating

Step 3: Now the Calendar Properties dialog box comes out, please go to the Permissions section, and check one of Read permission levels according to your own needs.

There are four kinds of permission levels allowing others to view the free and busy information in the selected calendar: None; Free/Busy time; Free/Busy time, subject, location; and Full Details.

You can apply that same permission in the Exchange Management Shell using the Set-Mailbox Folder Permission cmdlet (note: Set-Mailbox Folder Permission modifies an existing entry, whereas Add-Mailbox Folder Permission would be used to add a new entry to the permissions).

This method will show you how to set or change the permission lever for others viewing your free and busy information easily in Microsoft Outlook 20.If you want to share with people outside of your network, you need to publish it on an Internet server (using either HTTP or FTP).Anonymous users will need Read permissions, you'll need Write permissions on the Internet server.You can modify all the default permissions on Room mailboxes with the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell.For an exchange account in Microsoft Outlook, it allows users to share their calendar free and busy information with other users.