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We were just like a married couple, crazy, I know, but true.'Goodyear was joined by Helen Worth, who has been a longstanding actress in Coronation Street, portraying Gail Mc Intyre since 1974.

Like his mentor Green Arrow, Roy is a world-class archer and athlete who uses his exceptional marksmanship to fight crime.Dating back to 2011, he’s won 10 of 11 fights, but none of those victories coming against a quality opponent. (The fact that he can’t get his fights on television anymore argues differently.) My personal belief has long been that Jones, noted for a somewhat lackadaisical attitude toward his job back in his prime, found out how much he loved boxing after his gifts had eroded.In fact, every time we’ve seen Jones face someone dangerous in the last 13 years, he’s been beaten, and usually trounced. At his peak, there weren’t many names in boxing history who blended his sort of speed, power, accuracy, timing, and style. His best wins in 13 years have come against a bloated and retired Felix “Tito” Trinidad and a shot, exposed Jeff Lacy. But people didn’t show up to see Roy fight anymore.