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If you live in Provo, Utah, you most likely know at least one Provo All-Star (you know, the guy that is tan all winter long, loves the gym, spends his summers in sales and preys on 18-year-old girls even when that puts them in the decade club).

To sum it up — he’s a bro as defined by Urban Dictionary.

However you define it, Provo All-Stars have dating experience and Utah’s staff has come up with a humorous example of what dating advice would look like from Provo All-Stars. Spend a few hours a day at VASA Fitness, preferably the Orem University location.

Play basketball for an hour and then mill about the weights section.

If you happen to snag a spot next to the group fitness room, you can check out girls participating in Zumba or Dirty Dancing class.

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PROVO – Pedal Provo offers its customers the chance to go on ghost tours throughout the summer months.

Occasionally post photos of yourself on social media where you are holding a baby or a niece or nephew.You want girls to think “He’s a player, but deep down he is just a softie who wants to settle down.” Then immediately give the baby back to your sister, you don’t actually want to babysit. A large number of companies have developed web sites to help people meet other people.I have not so many friends but they are devoted for me. REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money. Normally prevents web sites of an adult nature from appearing in our site information.