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The below resources from A THIN LINE’s partners can help you figure out the best ways to address the subject and support the development of good digital citizens.

A Platform for Good provides resources for parents and educators to help teens connect, share, and do good online.

” began making the rounds on real-life dating sites.

I advised any would-be daters against using the line because really, where’s the originality?

Don't forget to close your tab, or the app won't let you exit.

MOM (4.5 Stars)The Mom app presents you with a Suitable Young Man every two weeks. Advanced users can enjoy features such as the Surprise Guest at Family Dinner and Introduction to My Good Friend Carol's Son, Who Is Studying to Be a Dentist.

The Mom app also forwards you e-mails concerning Things the President Is Doing Wrong and Men to Watch Out for in Parking Lots.

(SIDEWALK (2 Stars)This app allows you to express interest in people you see walking down the street via the Catcall, the Wolf Whistle, or the Hey, Beautiful, Why Aren't You Smiling?

They also provide resources for educators on developing a dating violence policy for their schools, training school personnel, and educating students on the issue.

Encourage the young people you know to take positive action to counter digital abuse.

Looking for even more ways to help the young people in your family or classroom take control of their digital lives?

If you're interested in someone, select one of these three tools: Shout Hello Over the Journey Song, Buy Him a Drink, or Send a Friend Over.

To indicate that you aren't interested: Tell Him You Have a Boyfriend, Hide in the Bathroom Until He Is Gone, or Give Him Someone Else's Number.