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An opportunity to position a Christian organization as “contemporary and relevant” is how the creators of a series of ads for U. Christian dating site Christian Connection describe their new “Christians make better lovers” campaign.

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Indeed, little less than a hundred years ago, the bicycle attracted condemnation in some elevated Christian circles.

In 1902, for instance, the Bishop of Manchester blamed the decline in Sunday observance on "carelessness and athleticism, and particularly on the invention of the bicycle".

The Lord's Day Observance Society agreed wholeheartedly, noting that on 20 June 1904, "1797 men and 125 women had been involved in Sunday cycling", incurring in the words of the society "this double blame in the eyes of God".

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Across the border in Canada, Canadian blogger Robert Kleot outlines his plans to cycle coast to coast "to experience what it means to be a Christian cyclist." He explains: "I ride all the time, but I think this trip is going to be a spiritual journey and I feel called to get involved (even if only for two weeks) to raise funds and awareness to end the cycle of poverty and to experience God's greatness and marvel at his magnificent creation".

To judge by this, and similar entries, Christians would seem to have espoused the bicycle with enthusiasm but it was not always so.